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When you strip away the metal and business machinery, all that remains is your intellectual property. Ultimately it is what makes you distinct from your competitors and when it is violated, irreparable damage is done to your brand.

Trademarks & Patent

Whether it is a slogan, look and feel of a product package, logo, product name, design, or function, it is something you are going to spend considerable resources to bring into the public eye. It is essential to protect these elements with the proper legal procedures not only to deter piracy but to make it actionable when it all too often still occurs.  


Part of our suite of brand defense services is an active monitoring system to regularly scan the internet for any copying your unique website content, your brand name, trademarks or spoofing your domain name. Service levels are available to fit any budget and all brand defense begins with detection.


Once a violation is detected, we move swiftly on appropriate enforcement action to eliminate the violation and restore your good name.


The best defense is a good offense.  Our vigorous enforcement actions will quickly give your brand a reputation of strength in the industry.   An iron shield of defense will send a clear message to would-be pirates to steer clear or face a devastating legal storm.